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A Team Of Professionals

Andreas Wolf

Leadership Coaching Expert

Core Competencies

‣ Organisational change
‣ Adaptive leadership
‣ Lateral leadership
‣ Personal coaching
‣ Business coaching

Short Bio

Andreas is Co-founder and Managing Director of the Berlin based management consultancy SHIFTHAPPENS (www.shifthappens.de). He has around 20 years experience in leadership of international large scale projects. He is also co-founder of smE-MPOWER tools for business innovation coaching in SMEs and the EASME coaching community of the European Commission. Andreas is a natural integrator providing adaptive and lateral leadership in high complex environments. As a coach, both in personal and business contexts, Andreas strikes the fine balance between emphatic understanding and challenging honesty. His current consulting focus is modelling and leading organisational change in different industries and company sizes.



Investment Readiness Expert

Core Competencies

‣ Investment readiness
‣ Business planning
‣ Product and market opportunity assessment
‣ Strategic analysis
‣ Strategy development
‣ Brand positioning

Short Bio

Tijana acts as a Business Innovation Coach for the European Commission, Executive Agency for SMEs and PwC. She is an International Advisor for the European Bank. She was part of the H2020 evaluation panel for 6 years and made decisions on the investment priorities on behalf of the European Commission across different topics and industries. Tijana’s clients include large corporations such as Pfizer and Roche as well as many SMEs across the world.


Freddy Guemeni

Intellectual Property Rights Expert

Core Competencies

‣ Patent searching
‣ IP commercialisation
‣ IP due diligence
‣ IP contracts
‣ IP audit
‣ IP strategy

Short Bio

Freddy’s background is in research commercialization and intangible assets’ management. He has experience of managing a portfolio of 300+ patent families for global leading Universities such as Imperial College London and University of Manchester. Freddy has supported numerous licensing deal negotiations and numerous spin-outs’ creations. Freddy has field expertise in the capture, identification and acquisition of intellectual property rights comprising patents, trademark, design and trade secrets. Freddy has led IP & exploitation work packages of several EU-funded collaborative R&D projects. He is a guest lecturer for Top 100 World’s most innovative Universities including Imperial College London and the University of Manchester. He also delivers training and workshops to CEOs and MDs on Intellectual Property and Intensive Business Modelling.



Commercialisation of R&D

Core Competencies

‣ Strategic planning
‣ Business development
‣ Establishment of new cooperations
‣ Innovation management
‣ Commercialization and exploitation

Short Bio

Peter has 25+ years practical experience in innovation management, research-industry co-operations, technology transfer and project development. His clients are in Europe (mainly in West-Balkan region) and in the Far-East (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore). Peter is author of some 25 international scientific publications and 6 further publications in the field of innovation management. He has been the CEO of LC Innoconsult since 1992. Peter has significant experience in the field of coaching and for years he has been providing coaching service to H2020 SME Instrument beneficiaries, for start-up companies in the framework of PROFIS Project and he has coached 100+ companies in North Macedonia. During the last 25 years he has been working as an external consultant on a high number of projects for the European Commission, NATO and the United Nations (UNIDO, UN ESCAP) and World Bank.



GDPR and Brand Protection

Core Competencies

‣ Data protection compliance
‣ GDPR health and research compliance
‣ IP protection
‣ Patents and trade secret
‣ Brand protection

Short Bio

Michela acts as a Coach for the European Commission and she assists multinational companies as well as non-profit organizations. She is entrusted as Data Protection Officer of large companies in the field of innovation, scientific and genetic research as well as in other fields. She also assists entities on Intellectual Property Protection and has a PhD in this field. She is the Chief Scientific Officer of an European project called “MarchieBrevettiUe” and she is a member of the International Standing Committee of Trade Secrets and the Association of the Intellectual Property Protection. Michela published a large number of scientific and informative works on IPR protection.


Nestor Rodriguez

Financing and M&A

Core Competencies
‣ Business planning
‣ Financing
‣ Market modelling
‣ Commercial due diligence
‣ Mergers & Acquisitions
‣ Corporate strategy
‣ Project management
Short Bio

Nestor held Senior Management positions in Strategy for companies such as Siemens, Engage AG and AMR International, before setting up Atrineo AG and started as a coach with Coaching Academia. His consultancy practice is one of the leading ones in Germany and his clients include companies from sectors such as Energy, Retail, Construction and IT. Nestor is certified business coach of the European Commission.


Simon Shepherd

Marketing Expert

Core Competencies
‣ Content marketing
‣ Referral marketing
‣ Digital marketing campaigns
‣ Automating your marketing
‣ Social media marketing strategies
Short Bio

Simon helps businesses grow by providing sales and business development coaching and marketing consultancy to develop the individual components of the marketing mix and this includes how to use traditional marketing channels, digital marketing, social media and word of mouth and international marketing. His clients include government bodies in the UK such as ESPO, Leeds Council, North Yorkshire, Sheffield City Council, York College and Defra. Simon is EC certified business innovation coach.


Velimir Coaching Academia 01


Protection of Foreign Investments

Core Competencies
‣ English contract law
‣ Alternative dispute resolution
‣ Protection of investments abroad
‣ Legal advocacy
Short Bio

Dr. Velimir Zivkovic, MJur is an Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick. He specialised in English contract law, protection of foreign investments and alternative commercial dispute resolution. Before taking the professorship at Warwick, Velimir was a post-doctoral fellow at the Humboldt University of Berlin, finished his PhD in Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science on the topic of international investment protection, and completed Magister Juris studies at the University of Oxford with the prize for best overall performance. Velimir currently works on a number of projects funded by British government promoting good governance and alternative dispute resolution in South-Eastern Europe. His consulting work incudes as well investor-State arbitration cases and general consulting on English law in commercial transactions. He was a consultant for the US Department of Commerce, World Bank and Swiss government funded projects aimed at enhancing business environment.




Personal Development

Core Competencies

‣ Organisational strategy
‣ Personal development
‣ Interpersonal dynamics
‣ Leadership
‣ Diversity
‣ Company’s culture

Short Bio

Haki Kapasi has over 30 years of experience as a trainer and consultant and brings together understanding of organisational development and individual development. She works with individuals to understand the barriers to progress and to find solutions. She is enabling individuals to identify their vision, identifying barriers to that vision, and find strategies for achieving them. She is coaching senior staff to handle organisational issues. Haki has worked with small and national NGOs, like Save the Children Fund and Barnardos, and with over fifty Local Authorities throughout the UK. Her work has encompassed coaching, strategy and policy development, reviews and evaluations.


Mirko at Coaching Academia

Mirko Zorić

Business Communication Expert

Core Competencies

‣ Job candidate behavioral screening
‣ Sales staff behavioral training 
‣ Coaching on negotiation techniques
‣ Communication training

Short Bio

Mirko is director of the “VALENTIS” Behavioural Research Centre. He is a trainer and Transactional Analysis (TA) practitioner. He offers training and coaching of the management teams within sales, HR and security sectors across small and large corporations. His focus is on the behavioural assessment and the activities primarily focused on new job applicants, employees, clients and potential business partners. Mirko is author of „Behavioural Analysis of Business Communication“ tools and training programs which are applied daily by “VALENTIS“ team members and their partners.



Kauko Määttä

Establishment of New Cooperations

Core Competencies

‣ Strategic planning
‣ Business development
‣ Establishment of new cooperations
‣ Innovation management
‣ Commercialization and exploitation

Short Bio

Kauko has been coaching over 25 years on worldwide projects. He is a Coach for the European Commission, Executive Agency for SMEs and the BlueInvest initiative between the European Commission and PwC. He has experience in working as a member and chairman of many boards of directors across different organizations. His clients include large corporations and SMEs across technology sectors.


Professor Roberto Carella

Organisational Development Expert

Core Competencies

‣ Organizational theories
‣ Entrepreneurship
‣ Creativity
‣ Branding
‣ eBusiness
‣ Strategy
‣ Marketing
‣ Knowledge management

Short Bio

Roberto is Professor of Economics, Organizational Theories and Strategic Management at the University of Basilicata and at the Polytechnic of Bari. He is a researcher and a Certified Business Coach of the European Commission and Vice President of MT-Europe. He is a certified professional in “Promoting Innovation”, a program of Climate KIC.



Darko Vidakovic Coaching Academia

Darko Vidaković, MBA

Startup Valuation Expert

Core Competencies

‣ Startup investment and development
‣ Startup valuations – VC Approach
‣ Scaling-up – international expansion
‣ Strategy analysis and development
‣ Go to market strategy development

Short Bio

Darko is an international consultant, business coach and expert in startup ecosystems with over 15+ years of experience in sales, business development and management consulting.
Over the past 5 year, he helped many companies to improve their business ideas and to scale.
Darko advises startups to design, plan and execute new business models. He mentors them through their venture journey by helping founders to scale-up their companies, reach new markets, reshape strategy and raise money for new projects.
Besides, Darko provides cost optimisation and process improvement , sales and marketing advising services for incumbent businesses.





We offer In House coaching for a needed period of time or on a continuous basis. We do this online at the moment using a variety of platforms, therefore you can access our services from wherever you are in the world. Our services are customized and our Coaches will apply the most appropriate tools and techniques for your organisation.

Our ready workshops

Our workshops offer knowledge and skills across diverse business topics, from pitching your idea to investors, IP strategy development, business model and marketing positioning to leadership and reaching your goals. The workshops are directed to directors, business owners and managers, but can benefit entire teams. 

Service package tailored to your needs

We offer to design a package for your particular needs, combining tailored coaching with our ready or customised workshops. Both the duration and topics can vary dependent on your current and future needs. You can choose your preferred coaches and we can help you identify the best match.