Our service package options

We have created 3 packages based on the experience and preferences of our current clients. We offer our new clients to start with the Basic trial package and explore what we offer, so they can decide what works the best for them. Still our most popular package is the Best value package that fits both our large corporate clients and SMEs that we increasingly work with. Our Intense fast fix package is designed for those clients that want to turn things around in a short time frame and fit mainly those companies that go through upscaling or changing their business model and direction. All the packages are valid up to one year. 

coaching sessions

We offer tailored one to one or team coaching. 


Our workshops are largely interactive.


We work with the best European Coaches.

Our Clients

We work with large and small business across different sectors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Coaching for my organisation?

All the companies can benefit from the right type of coaching. The question is: Which type of coaching is right for your organisation? We do detailed analysis during our process, with your permission, and our precise diagnosis of the problems and weaknesses on your side are the key in offering you the right type of coaching that can make a real difference.

Who are the workshops designed for?

Our workshops are mainly designed for the top management, but we can work with the entire teams as well. On few specific topics we did provide workshops for junior employees on a request and are happy to meet your particular needs.

How do I know what type of Coaching and duration I need?

We help you in this. We try to understand your organisation and your vision and goal. We offer you a tailored made solution, in most cases combining coaching and workshops for a shorter duration of time to start with, usually for one or two months and then we evaluate the results and propose some possible enlargements.

What if the Coach is not the right match?

We try to identify the best Coach for your organisation. We don’t only look at the skills but at the right personality as well. We hold several meetings prior to coaching kick off so we make sure that the expectations are aligned. We do evaluate the progress along the way and introduce the needed adjustments.