Our Workshops

Our workshops offer knowledge and skills across diverse business topics, from pitching your idea to investors, IP strategy development, building a business model and marketing positioning to leadership and reaching your goals.

The workshops are directed to directors, business owners and managers, but can benefit entire teams. We have been running our ready workshops on a number of topics and in the process have developed a number of customised ones to suit the needs of our clients.

01. Our ready workshops

We have a number of workshops that we have been running for years and they range in duration and topics

02. Customised workshops

These days we frequently build new workshops based on particular needs of our clients, taking in account their budget, weaknesses and goals.

03. Workshop packages

We increasingly receive requests for workshop packages. These usually cover several topics and involve 2-3 coaches.

the most popular

Ready Workshops

Lateral leadership in contexts of self-organization: Empowering staff for decentral responsibility

Self-organizational frameworks such as „circle-organizations“ are a trend in high-tech SMEs with smart personnel. Most of these highly educated engineers, system architects and software developers, however have no experience in dealing with the nitty gritty questions of daily human interaction. Providing lateral leadership from the side, without formal authority, is an art that navigates between chaos and order, listening and speaking, conceding and confronting. Overall, it requires a mature personality – or at least one on the conscious way towards maturity.

Pitching to investors

Both Private and Public Investors look to the value in your proposition; it might be profit, job creation, market domination or positive societal change. In this workshop we take you through the expectations of an investor and then backtrack to how you meet those expectations by creating a compelling business case for investment in your company.


You are presenting an idea with the potential of shaping your near future. An idea in which you invested time, energy, patience and your belief.

The presentation that follows has to go beyond unbelievable.

Master behavioural coding tools that will accompany you on every step along the way. Strategic and motivational preparation, “Honest Radiance” concept, building individual communicational signature, controlling presentation, establishing good rapport, keeping the audience engaged, handling difficult questions, real-time reaction monitoring.

Time for pitch presentation is very short. Every word and gesture must be used to its fullest potential.


Legal Basics of Contracting, International Transactions and Dispute Resolution

There is no innovation, business and commerce in a vacuum – law creates and regulates the markets, makes contracting possible, and even when ‘invisible’ is always the background to any transaction or dispute. Basic legal literacy can go a long way in helping to efficiently organize operations, avoid surprises, make sense of the post-Brexit landscape, and manage conflicts and disputes in the best possible manner. This workshop will help you understand how contracts work in the world’s most popular choice for a legal system – England & Wales, what opportunities and protections might exist when investing abroad, and what options are there to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently both nationally and internationally.

Exploring creativity

Exploring creativity from an organisational and individual perspective can be fun. Despite many models being available, we still get stuck. This two-session program (5 hours each) will practically introduce you to some methods that will help you move through the ideation phases to a position of having an idea that you can take to the next step. You will work through the four stages of innovation:


Perhaps you have a wicked problem (one that has no easy solution) that faces you, or maybe you have a new product idea – these problems / concepts could be brought to this course.

Harness your Intellectual Property

This workshop will allow you to understand the role of intellectual property in starting and scaling a business, and get you equipped with means and tools to cost-effectively set up an IP portfolio.
You will:
• understand how to identify, evaluate and capture your intellectual property in order to secure IP rights;
• learn to devise an IP strategy in line with the business model;
• hear IP best practices, examples and case studies;
• find out how to build and manage an IP portfolio.

Improving your productivity

Increased Productivity leads to increased Profits. Improving a company’s productivity isn’t about getting more things done; it is about getting the important things done consistently. Successful companies foster a culture of productivity from boardroom down to all employee levels, and of course visa versa. Measuring your productivity is a key driver to a more efficient and resilient company. We will discuss a number of strategies that can be developed in your company to engage the whole workforce in improving and measuring your productivity.