About Our Organisation

The Coaching Academia provides organisations of all types with the right knowledge and connections to effectively commercialize their ideas and upscale their businesses as well as make a lasting difference.

We provide 1-2-1 coaching tailored to particular needs of your organisation. We run sessions and train individuals to actively find creative solutions and proactively drive innovation in their organisations. Our events provide hundreds of valuable connections for enterprising individuals. Businesses have come forward to make new valuable contacts and partnerships at our meetings. Entrepreneurs have presented their problems and obtained the advice needed to take their plans to the next level. We are an inclusive organisation that welcomes your active participation.



Our mission is to empower businesses in their efforts and challenges towards successful commercialization of their ideas and upscaling of their businesses in alignment with the different life-cycle stages. This includes aspects such as financing, marketing, management, resource development, organisation and strategy.



Our vision is to create the best destination for businesses who want to make a difference.


Core Philosophy

Rather than doing it to the organisation we do it with the organisation, to progressively allow them to do it for themselves and to embed the processes and tools.