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About Us

The Coaching Academia provides organisations of all types with the right knowledge to effectively commercialize their ideas and upscale their businesses.

We provide in house coaching tailored to particular needs of your organisation. We run workshops and train individuals and teams to work together and to actively search and find creative solutions and proactively drive positive change and innovation in their organisations. We work with large corporations, both private and public and have increased our focus on SMEs recently. We help you to identify and present your problems and offer the advice and solution needed to take your ideas and plans to the next level.


We offer In House coaching for a needed period of time or on a continuous basis. We do this online at the moment using a variety of platforms, therefore you can access our services from wherever you are in the world. Our services are customized and our Coaches will apply the most appropriate tools and techniques for your organisation.

Our ready workshops

Our workshops offer knowledge and skills across diverse business topics, from pitching your idea to investors, IP strategy development, business model and marketing positioning to leadership and reaching your goals. The workshops are directed to directors, business owners and managers, but can benefit entire teams. 

Service package tailored to your needs

We offer to design a package for your particular needs, combining tailored coaching with our ready or customised workshops. Both the duration and topics can vary dependent on your current and future needs. You can choose your preferred coaches and we can help you identify the best match.